Curriculum Vitae


Solar Decathlon – A place to Rest

Solar Decathlon – Layout

I graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles (énsa-v) architecture school. I have a broad set of skills in both architecture and computer graphics, as well as many other fields of study, and I am currently studying the relationship between Architecture and Video Games, attending the École Nationale Supérieure du Paysage (ENSP) landscape design school and working for Digital Skin as Director of Communication.

As we slowly gave virtual existence to our concepts and environments, we had to become musicians, writers, graphics designers, developers, game designers, directors…

When researching Japanese construction methods, we came up with a solution that used exclusively friction and many small-sectioned pieces of wood to guarantee horizontal stability.

Since they would be working in extremely stressful conditions, we wanted the decathletes to spend their evenings by a barbecue overlooking a prairie and to wake up and see a forest outside their window.